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Cloverdale Market Statistics

Everything You Need to Know about your Real Estate Market today!

Real Estate Market Statistics are available for Cloverdale (Condos/Townhouses, Houses) and are provided by Kurt & Jacquie Friesen & SnapStats.

Monthly Market Statistics Report

To request last month’s Market Statistics Report, please e-mail info@CloverdaleCondo.com to receive this report.
How do we make the data make more sense than what is currently available to you from the real estate board?

SnapStats™ successfully restructures, recalculates and redelivers the board’s statistics each month with a single page summary for each city and area in Greater Vancouver.

SnapStats™ in a glance shows you:

What the Official Market Type* is for individual price ranges. Is it a buyers, sellers or balanced market?

What the Official Market Type* is for individual neighbourhoods.

What the odds are of a home selling today in any price band and in any neighbourhood. (1 in 10? 1 in 100?)

The past twelve month trends for sale prices, active listings and number of sales.

SnapStats™ numbers educated you on the opportunities of current inventory levels, prices and official market types today so that you can capitalize on these markets tomorrow.

Official Market Types according to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and most industry analysts:

0 – 14% Buyers Market

15% – 19% Balanced Market

20% & Greater Sellers Market